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As a National Social Security Advisor we offer the most comprehensive social security advice and resources. The NSSA® Certificate indicates standards of excellence, continuing education, and access to ongoing support.

Did you know that more than 67 million Americans (22% of the U.S. population) receive some form of Social Security. The public insurance has been laying the foundation for economic security for Americans for more than 80 years, providing help to retirees and others.

Today, Social Security benefits represent on average a third of retirees’ income. Nearly 90% of Americans 65 and older receive some type of Social Security benefits. About half of married couples and 71% of unmarried people on Social Security rely on the benefits for at least 50% of their incomes. Nearly a quarter of married couples and about 43% of unmarried people rely on Social Security for at least 90% of their income.

Developing a plan with an understanding of how to optimize your Social Security may make retirement easier and more comfortable. Working with a financial advisor will help equip you to find the solutions that will fit your retirement lifestyle. We can help you analyze your financial situation to develop a strategy for achieving your retirement vision.

If you would like to discuss how to maximize your Social Security benefits with a professional, please contact us to set up your personalized social security strategy session.

“The holistic financial plan is an integrated approach to coordinating all key areas of your financial life.”