Used properly and stewarded wisely, it can help people lead extremely effective and meaningful lives. Used improperly or taken for granted, it can be a great burden and source of stress. You either control it or it controls you. It is our desire that everyone, regardless of their net worth, would know the peace of mind that comes from walking in true financial freedom.​​

Your Peace of Mind is our #1 Priority.


Teaching is core to great outcomes and excellent client relationships. It is also the main thing we do. It is our job to ensure each of our clients fully understands the relevant issues at hand, the various solutions available to address them, and how they work. We love to teach, and we believe well-informed clients make better decisions and have a higher level of confidence in the decisions they make.

We Teach. You Decide.


Much of the financial services industry has trained us, as investors, to focus our attention almost exclusively on average rates of return as our primary indicator of investment success. But as many Americans have discovered over the past couple decades, this can be very misleading, if not downright deceitful. We call this the “flaw of averages.”

What most people don’t understand is that compounding returns works against them in declining markets even more than it works for them in rising markets. This concept is multiplied in retirement when income is needed. To solve this problem, we specialize in conservative strategies designed to avoid unnecessary risk and mitigate losses, while providing reasonable returns.

We measure success not by arbitrary statistics, but by achieving our clients’ retirement objectives.


Unnecessary complexity pervades every aspect of our lives. The financial services industry is no exception. In reality, the most effective solutions need not be overly complex. In fact, our experience suggests that unnecessary complexity can actually breed anxiety. So, all things being equal, our goal is to identify the simplest, most effective solutions available, ensure our clients are well educated about how they work, then implement and monitor them regularly

It’s that simple.


Popular opinion says debt is unavoidable.  Many in the financial industry even say it’s wise.  We disagree. In our experience, debt is the #1 threat to an individual’s financial freedom, and therefore, their financial peace of mind. All things being equal, and regardless of how much money you have, less debt is better than more debt, and no debt is best of all.

We are passionate to see our clients realize the freedom of debt-free living.


Managed accounts, mutual funds, ETF’s, stocks, bonds, CDs, annuities, insurance, alternative investments… the list goes on and on. These are all effective tools in the truly holistic advisor’s arsenal. The key is having a strong working knowledge of what options exist, the advantages and disadvantages of each, and an ability to apply the appropriate solutions to each unique client situation, effectively and objectively. This requires a completely independent business model.

We are licensed and knowledgeable in a variety of proven strategies that span the entire financial services industry.

“Used properly and stewarded wisely, money can help people lead extremely effective and meaningful lives.”

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